03 March 2011

9th: Time Will Cure Everything, Have Faith ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

I am not in a great condition now, not stable in physical and mental condition now, btw, I AM NOT GILA okay, get it straight, haha, let me tell you something, what will you guys do if you're in my shoes;

A: what did you think of B?
Me: well he is good-looking, but perangai, no comment.
A: okayy :)

next day:
Bella Nazri's FB Wall

B: hello and excuse me, did you have problems with me? why did you tell people like you know me so much? mind your own business aite.

and it went all WRONG, and completely reminds me of what happened in high school before, i don't want it happen again, I AM NOT PROBLEMATIC, but THE PEOPLE YOU LISTEN FROM ARE PROBLEMATIC! ikut sedap mak bapak kau pulak nak maki-maki aku kat message FB kan? kau punya pompuan tu yang sial, senang-senang nak jual cite aku, nak pakai nama aku buat cite bangang cmtuh *i am sorry for the inappropriate words* actually, i dah lali dengan semua la, apa yang i lalui in university, dah buat i lagi matang, stop reminds me of past, its hurtful :'[ stop with shitting about me la UNMATURED people, its not me yang UNMATURED, it's all about you! 

p/s: cermin dulu sikap kau, perangai kau sebelum nak memaki aku!
to SE: we are not like this before, we chatted okay je, just because of tht bitch, we jadi camni, I AM SORRY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART AND I CONFESS MY WRONGDOING TOWARDS YOU! :'[