11 March 2011

14th: We Are One Voice, One World and One Unity ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

i know what happened in Japan, and i think you guys also knows about it right? and to all ASIA PACIFIC's citizens, please beware of the condition right now, and please please please not to be near to the sea shore okay? for your safety :)

to all the Moslem's please, let us ALL pray for our and whole world safety from Allah S.W.T.

maybe, it is one of the signs of the END of the World, and yeah, we all knows that one day, the judgment day will occur and NONE of us will be save. but only Allah S.W.T can save us, so again lets us pray for the best, chingu ♥

some of the pictures that i take from TSUNAMI and ERTHQUAKE in JAPAN. if you want more details, you could read it from there :)

 8.8 magnitude quake, wow !

 the tsunami

 the view from a bridge.

 astaghfirullahalazim :'(

p/s: guys, hello peeps, let us pray for the whole country and to all Asian Pacific country too.