11 March 2011

15th: Firdaus a.k.a Ahmad Pintu ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

Ya Allah please make me strong. :'(

bie, thanks for everything, you made me happy all the time, i appreciate you so much, i really need you in my life, it's not because i am desperate, it just, i really love you, it's okay if you gonna throw me so far away, even one day you come back to me, i will always love you back, yeah, it is true, i can't find someone better than you. firdaus, i love you i really love you, but now, all i can say, hope you're happy with what you did to me, saya sayang awak sorang, ingat tu. semoga awak sentiasa mengingati saya, walaupun saya bukan lagi bintang hidup awak. saya sayang awak sangat-sangat :'(

p/s: peeps, i will love him, forever  :'(