07 June 2011

39th: I'm Sorry ♥

yawww, i am sorry dude for not updating this blog, will do okay?
btw, assalamualaikum and hi!!
and just want to say, life aint a nintendo game, reminds me of my ex Lee Dong-Min <3
long story, but something i'll remember forever and still, he is still in there (you know where) forever!! <3

24 April 2011

This is going to be big, better and wait for it.. BERRIER! Check out what berry are you this instant! #digiwhatberry

This is going to be big, better and wait for it.. BERRIER! Check out what berry are you this instant! #digiwhatberry

18 April 2011

38th: countdown to April 22nd, yay! ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi.

yeah, i am waiting for that day. i am nineteen going to be twenty! yahoo! at last i am twenty. hoping i'll change to be someone better. no more childish behavior, except, yeah exception when i'm with FI :) i can't be serious with him. yes. i really can!

things to be better:

  • attitude need to be better, no more crying baby :P
  • study, more focus on it, since i have 21 credit hour to settle it.
  • try try and try to get his heart, but don't be too pushy.
  • prayers need to be perfect
  • hijabs, soon, insyaallah :)
wishlists for my birthday:

  • macaroons
  • cupcakes
  • O'Brien sandwiches
  • boyfriend
  • lotsa gift
  • love, harmony
  • new gadgets. maybe ;)
  • fixie( still keeping money to buy fixie for me and FI )
  • topup more than usually. otp otp otp!
  • new jeans and shirts
  • new ROXY bag and OREEF's wallet.
  • ROXY stuff
  • TOPSHOP stuff
  • and still FI's heart!! 
haha, jk! some maybe come true but some, still in my dream :) FI, i am hoping you'll give the best surprise ever. i am hoping that from you, loves. :) iloveyou,faz. 

p/s: the most important gifts i want are harmony family and his love and heart ;)

macaroons people! i need it, its addicted!

cupcakes, my mom will buy it for me !

ROXY stuff! i love roxy!!!

TOPSHOP stuff, love it

& most important is:::

boyfie! lol. 

i love protective guy :) and sweet and full with humors! i love FI!! 

and Hana Tajima's Hijab Style!! love it.

37th: Life, Love or Lust ♥

sometimes life isn't beautiful like we always thought but make it meaningful and memorable for you whole life. same like love, love doesn't mean we have to own them, love them by far it is enough. soul mates never be together but lover from heaven is the beautiful thing that we got from God.

my life might be DULL before you came, but after you came, it had been shone by your light and i really appreciate that the smiles on my face still won't fade away since you've been besides me all the time though sad and good. ILOVEYOU 

36th: counting the days, LOVER ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi peeps :)

well yeah, i am counting the days to get older, i am going to be twenty on this april 22nd! yay me! okay, i got it too far right? but i am really hoping someone will give me the best gift ever :) i need him in my life! not some kind of DESPERADO, it just, i love him, so much. my cute panda o.O" lol. okay. 

i've quoted some song for you darla;

You don’t want me, no
You don’t need me
Like I want you, oh
Like I need you
And I want you in my life
And I need you in my life

You can’t see me, no
Like I see you
I can’t have you, no
Like you have me
And I want you in my life
And I need you in my life
You can’t feel me, no
Like I feel you
I can’t steal you, no
Like you stole me
And I want you in my life
And I need you in my life


Pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel 
Like you're less than, less than perfect 
Pretty pretty please, if you ever ever feel like you're nothing 
You are perfect to me! 

p/s: ngehh, he is Fazwan Izrahadi! my TRUE TREASURE EVER! ;) nothing special. friends forever! *hoping to be more*

17 April 2011

35th: terharu ♥

erul af9- cinta untuk nabila :)

terharu kot, semalam dengar dia nyanyi, buat ku tersenyum AFUNDI ERUL!

p/s: walaupun erul tambat hatiku ini tapi FI tetap dalam hatiku!

08 April 2011

34th: sakit yang tidak boleh disembuhkan

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

bukan pinta saya untuk mendapat penyakit ini. ini cuma dugaan daripada Allah S.W.T. I just have to be strong. but I can't, I am sorry.

33rd: Fazwan Izrahadi ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

that's the name of the most IMPORTANT person ever in my life. thanks for being there for me, when I am sad. only you and only you can keep this smile stick to my face. my sun and my moon :) you are everything i need. you are incredibly IMPORTANT and IMPORTANTLY to complete the half of me. thanks for existing in my life.

p/s: he is the best buddy, best friend, best partner, but not best boyfriend because he is not my boyfie and only he knows, how much he mean to me, i told him, mostly of it. i don't want to lose and i swear to god, how much i do tell you the truth. ILOVEYOUFAZ! *blushing*

07 April 2011

32nd: ME! ♥

31th: all over again ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

thanks for those who visiting my blog, I know that my blog is not that great. It is all about LOVE, most of it, I have to admit it though. There's another story I need to let it out :'(


I lost my beloved sister ever, yeah, served me right! I am really really a bad person right, hurm, but when it came to feeling thought, it can't be stopped okay, it comes naturally. I am falling in love with him naturally, I can't stop myself. but I do admit, I was wrong. hurm. I am sorry, but I really can't live without him. I need him, needless to say bout it.


If and only if i left you, would you be okay? why can't you tell me how you feels, i need you, i need you to comfort me, and keep the smiles when you are around me, i really need you, sayang. yeah, this is the first time, i called you sayang, on this blog and i never called you that in reality, but i really want to show you, how much you mean to me, even though, i hurt myself, almost everynight i cried and thinking about you, is my favorite things to do. i can swear, only you have been on my mind since we know each other. but now, not only in my mind, but also in my heart. i lost her, just to be with you. i don't care how much i hurt losing my sister, just to be by your side. i have to admit that you the light that shines my day. hearing your voice every morning, it really makes my day. you the only one that cheers me up, when i am hurt so much by my sister. I am the one that woke you up in the middle of the night to reminds you to study. hurm. but i am nothing towards you right? please tell me, i need to know, i have the right to know, your real feelings towards me. I NEED YOU FI! :(

p/s: i am not strong i am weak. i need him to support me.

01 April 2011

30th: confession ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

I have confession to make, I am trying to forget the person I love so much, Faz. but the more I'd tried, the more I fell in love with him, I really love him, but I guess I am NOTHING towards him, if there's something he need to tell me, please do so, before I am totally disappear from his life. It is not stupid for falling in love with him, and I am thankful to get to know about him. I really love him! :(

28 March 2011

29th: its the time for you to realise ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

hm, yeah a little bit down today, hm, can i just cry? please. hm.

F, you know the CHINESE in me, and i love you just the way you are. but right now, awak tak sedar awak sakiti saya. hm. awak, kalau awak ada apa-apa hubungan dengan dia, please, please let me know. if you ever love me or you have feelings on me, please let me know now, i am kinda brokedown right now. baru jer habis final exam, awak, awak tahukan betapa pentingnya awak kat saya? and YOU are my first, the first guy i ever 3G with, right now, saya confuse, apa perasaan awak kat dia sebenarnye. hm. awak cakap kat saya awak tak mudah untuk menyayangi dia, tapi sekarang? if awak betul-betul dah declare dengan dia, please bgtahu saya, so i can GO AWAY FAR FROM YOU :( saya suka awak panggil saya CINA, sebab saya pun baru perasan betapa cina nya saya. dan awak akan jadi selamanya Muhd. KimBum saya. :') semalam masa 3G ngan awak, awak nyanyikan lagu cinta gila by grey sky morning. :) comel sangat ^_^ saya tak boleh henti senyum, awak sendiri nampak camana saya senyum bila ngan awak, awak, saya harap awak boleh tolong saya kekalkan senyuman tuh. sebab saya sayang awak sangat-sangat! 

awak, saya akan sentiasa disamping awak, jangan risau, saya takkan tinggalkan awak, saya janji, saya behave elok-elok so awak pun takkan lari jugak kan? i know awak lagi muda setahun dari saya, tapi like you said before, perasaan ni tak boleh dihalang, bila datang, kita tak boleh salahkan perasaan tu kan? saya ingat lagi time awak kata kat saya bila saya cakap kat awak saya mula sayangkan awak, masa tu time saya sakit sangat, menangis hampir setiap malam kerana awak. hm. awak cakap kat saya, saya tak patut pergi tinggalkan awak, since saya dah mula sayangkan awak. dan start that time, saya sayang awak sangat-sangat, ILOVEYOUFUCKINGDAMNMUCH, F! awak, saya suka 3G dengan awak :) awak comel dan saya sayang awak :D

p/s: i'll never let him go, even it'll cause me to be hurt more.

24 March 2011

28th: time for me to be HAPPY ♥




27th: cincin daun ♥








19 March 2011

26th: imperfectly perfect day ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi :)

due to my condition, i am still weak, still low blood pressure. hm. i am sick of being sick, but i know this is one of the challenge that i need to go through :') well i am strong girl you know :) i still can study for my final examination. thanks to you for backing me up during my weak condition. okay. full stop.

guess what? today kan, today kan, i saw SOMEONE :DD hehe, OMG i can't stop smiling laaa, help me help me ;) haha, that's why today is one of the memorable day ever for me. but i didn't show HIM my TRUTH condition (which is I AM REALLY SICK UNTIL MY FRIEND TOLD ME I LOOK REALLY WEAK JUST NOW), but i am happy to see him, i guess he is one of my strength, hey you, you know it was you ;) haha. let the time decide BOUT ME & HIM :D i can't wait to see the result. HAHA

i am preparing myself for FINALS, and you, yeah you, don't be so stubborn la, study study, cari mood tu, i want you to be successful too ;) study tau study tau. AJA AJA HWAITING!

after balik dari pasar, in the car, lalu dekat wisma, then nampak A GIRL BARING ATAS JALAN WITH BLOOD, kitorang dengan panik, terus pusing, ingatkan nak tolong, RUPA RUPANYA, photoshoot lahh --" TIPAH TERTIPU beb! haha

okay okay, last last :) saya nak cakap yang saya sanggup buat apa untuk awak, just nak awak happy, saya harap awak tahu yang saya sangat sangat ikhlas nak kawan dengan awak :) saya tukar lagu kat blog ni pun sebab kehendak awak. harap satu hari nanti ada senyuman yang selamanya di muka saya ni. saya malu hari ni --" haha.. sorry eyh? saya tak STALK awak, just tadi nampak awak, it gave me strength. HAHA :) ramai kawan saya kata muka saya dengan awak sama, pelikkan? macam macam lah diorang --" haiyo. haha. takpelah awak, AJA AJA HWAITING!! :)

lastlast,now betul betul. dia pergi cherating hari ni, hope he will have fun la, sampai cherating terus call, cakap tengok bulan cantik, besar (today is the day bulan dekat dengan bumi), have fun ye awak :D saya pun tengok bulan tadi, memang cantik, orang kata if kita rindu orang tu, tengok bulan, maybe orang yang kita rindu tuh pun tengah memikirkan dan merasakan benda yang sama :)

p/s: I AM SINGLE OKAY !! haha

18 March 2011

25th: salahkah aku?

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

saya mengaku blog saya tak BEST macam blog orang lain, mesti korang asyik cakap " blog bella ni tak habis-habis tentang CINTA". come here i tell you the reason.

1st: i am the only child in my family. mesti korang kata saya ni mesti SPOILT BRAT. but unfortunately, i am not, saya tak ada adik beradik yang lain, yang saya dapat luahkan, hanya kat blog ni je yang saya dapat luahkan. kalau korang rasa bosan, IGNORE my blog please? sebab saya tak paksa pon korang baca, lagipun i am a new blogger, masih

2nd: saya bukan nak bukak aib didada ni, tapi itulah kenyataan hidup realiti ni, hidup kita ni, bukan semua BEST BEST. say bersyukur dengan kehidupan saya sekarang. tapi saya paling pantang IF ada orang buat cerita tentang saya, yang PALSU, I WILL NOT TOLERATE WITH THOSE, MARK MY WORD. 

3rd: korang taktau apa yang saya lalui selama 20 tahun saya hidup, saje nak share pengalaman, tak boleh ke? salah eyh? taktahu pulak. :) so ignore me if you hate me ;) simple kan?

4rd: banyak kali dilukai, dan masih menyimpan harapan untuk mendapatkan si DIA, yang boleh menyembuhkan luka hati ini, dan menjaga hati ini dengan lebih baik. i am not desperate of men but i am just hoping i will find my ONLY ONE soon, i hope it could be HIM :) amin

5th: saya tak ganggu hidup awak, awak jangan ganggu hidup saya jugak okay? kalau tak puas hati, cakap depan-depan, jangan cakap belakang, ingat bagus sangat ke perangai macam tuh? HAHA

6th: to all my junior (i mean UNITEN's jr) jangan nak berlagak sangat okay? kau boleh buat cerita tentang aku, dan aku dah tahu banyak hal tentang kau, desperate gila nak mampus.HAHA. jangan melampaui batas okay? you really messed with a girl with a brain, i am not S.T.U.P.I.D !! if i am, aku takkan masuk foundation and trus masuk degree la, bukan macam kau, nak kutuk-kutuk budak UITM, tapi tak cermin dulu diri kau.

okay, fullstop. sampai sini sahaja okay? senang cerita, if you hate me, or whatever la, BOLEH BLAH okay? byebye sayangs ;)

p/s: sapa makan cili, terasa pedasnya okay?

16 March 2011

24th: FullStop!

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

i am afraid this feeling will appear. hm. unfortunately, it already appear. hm. okay. BM pleaseeee ;)

okay, awak, saya rasa saya suka awak tapi takkan nak bagitahu awak pulak kan? biar saya pendam sorang-sorang, mungkin benda ni muncul terlalu cepat, btw, saya ni memang seorang yang cepat menyukai seseorang dan cepat bosan tapi bila perasaan sayang dah muncul, susah nak lupakan. camane tuh? the more i avoid it, the more i got convinced by it. hm, there's no turning back okay. ilikeyou ilikeyou! :') all i can do is telling you by blogging not to tell straight to you, i am sorry, i am just weaker like a duckling :') and i am nothing to you, tak bermakna pape dalam hidup awak. hm. sekarang saya hanya perlu jauhkan diri sedikit dengan awak. perlu ke? mungkin, saya keliru :'(

awak, byebye :(

p/s: FI :'(


23rd: Love You in Silence ♥


Author: Honey Cai 

You came into my life
Quietly, simply, tenderly...
The world stood still
I could not say a word
Nor a single gestured showed.

The feeling kept in my heart
So I've loved you in silence
Worshipped ypu from a distance
And dreamt of you so often.

I want to say I Love You,
But I'm afraid...
Afraid that you'll just take it for granted.
In silence then, I'll just love you.
In silence I'll find...
The fulfillment of my dreams.
True Love Awaits You
Author: Sam L. Bundy 

Eyes that are crystal clear, one thinks he could see forever. 

But within you lies uncertainty and confusion, like boulders in a raging river.

The swift current, the choppy waters, this makes for a rough and tumble ride. 

Be brave, be true to yourself, with me there is nothing to hide.

Conquer the rapids, guide this craft, don't sail this adventure short.

At journey's end, where the water calms, could lie a safe and wondrous port. 

So, it's through great canyons, on to the ocean, let us greet the unknown.

Paddle fast, my love, get to my heart, for it is there you might find your own.

22nd: Miduhyo ( I Believe ) ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi! 

Girl, let me prove that my love is real
I’ll give all my love to you
And trust me
Chonnune banhandanun marur midoyo
Gudaeyegen anirago marhaejiman
Narur gyongsorhage baraburggabwa
Gamchwowassur bbunijyo
Sashir nan
Gutaerur choum bwaton gu sunganbutho
Onjongir gutae saenggake sarassojyo
Achime nunddugo jamdur ddaeggaji
Han saenggakbbuniojyo
I believe in you gutaer barabonun i shison gadur
Naega gago inun gutaer hyanghan maum modu dama bonaeri
Nomu swibge durgigo shipji anhun nae maum argo inayo
Gutae narur hurjjok ttonaborir goman gathun turyourggaji
Sarangun gasumi meir tuthan solleimchorom
Gurohge sum makhinun guriumchorom
Hangsang byonhamobnun shisonur jwoyo
Onjena shigumchorom
Jogumman naega maumur nohur su issur mangumman
Gidaerur barabon su issur mangumman
Naui gaggaiye momurundamyon hanobshi gibbugejyo
I believe in you gutaer barabonun i shison gadur
Naega gago inun gutaer hyanghan maum modu dama bonaeri
Nomu swibge durgigo shipji anhun nae maum argo inayo
Gutae narur hurjjok ttonaborir goman gathun turyourggaji
Irohge gutae gyothe inun damyon
Gyorgoken amugodo morundamyon
Ormana naega gutaen saranghaenunji
I believe in you gutaer barabonun i shison gadur
Naega gago inun gutaer hyanghan maum modu dama bonaeri
Nomu swibge durgigo shipji anhun nae maum argo inayo
Gutae narur hurjjok ttonaborir goman gathun turyourggaji
I can’t let you go…
You are the only one in my life

English Translation
Girl, let me prove that my love is real
I’ll give all my love to you
And trust me
I believe
I believe in love at first sight
Even though I said it wasn’t possible
I was just afraid that you would think I was careless and hasty
So I kept this a secret from you
To tell the truth
Ever since I met you
I only thought of you
From when I woke up in the morning until I fell asleep
There was only one thing on my mind
I believe in you… as I look at you
I will send all my feelings for you
I want to keep the feelings I have for you hidden
Even my fears that you might leave me one day
Love is a nervous feeling in your heart
It is like a breathtaking loneliness
Please keep looking at me with the same eyes
Always and forever like this
If I knew you could stay close to me
So that my heart can relax
So that I could see you
I would be very happy
I believe in you… as I look at you
I will send all my feelings for you
I want to keep the feelings I have for you hidden
Even my fears that you might leave me one day
If I could stay by your side like this
If you didn’t know the truth until the end
About how much I love you
I believe in you… as I look at you
I will send all my feelings for you
I want to keep the feelings I have for you hidden
Even my fears that you might leave me one day
I can’t let you go…
You are the only one in my life

::awak, saya suka awak tapi saya rasa saya perlu lepaskan awak:: 

::awak, hati saya sakit bila tengok awak dan dia::

::awak, saya rindu kat awak, kenapa eyh? ::

::awak, saya ni penting untuk awak tak? ::

::awak, saya suka awak, since first time saya nampak awak::

saya terpaksa sayang awak dari jauh, awak tahu tak sayang kan seseorang yang tak pernah tahu perasaan kita terhadap dia itu sangat menyakitkan? betul awak, sakit sangat, hampir setiap malam saya menangis sebab awak. mungkin saya tak penting bagi awak seperti mana awak penting dalam hidup saya. awak, saya harap, satu hari awak akan perasan dan faham yang saya sangat sangat sayangkan awak.

p/s: hoping for the miracle

15 March 2011

21st: April ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

- Individu yang amat sukar untuk jatuh cinta.
- Selalu memendam perasaan terhadap individu yang dicintai.
- Sukar dan malu dalam meluahkan isi hati.
- Sentiasa ingin diberi perhatian.
- Amat cemburu dalam perhubungan.
- Kesetiaan teguh terhadap pasangannya.
- Emosi cepat terusik dan mudah terluka.
- Sentiasa menjaga hati pasangan dan pandai memujuk.
- Romantik dan terlalu romantik.
- Sukar melupakan pasangan walaupun dilukai.
- Sukar berlaku curang dan amat menyayangi pasangan.

20th: you are perfect to me ♥

Made a wrong turn, once or twice
Dug my way out, blood and fire
Bad decisions, that's alright
Welcome to my silly life
Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood
Miss 'No way, it's all good', it didn't slow me down
Mistaken, always second guessing, underestimated
Look, I'm still around

Pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel
Like you're less than f*ckin' perfect
Pretty pretty please, if you ever ever feel like you're nothing
You're f*ckin' perfect to me!

You're so mean, when you talk about yourself, you were wrong
Change the voices in your head, make them like you instead
So complicated, look happy, you'll make it!
Filled with so much hatred...such a tired game
It's enough! I've done all I can think of
Chased down all my demons, I've seen you do the same

Oh, pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel
Like you're less than f*ckin' perfect
Pretty pretty please, if you ever ever feel like you're nothing
You're f*ckin' perfect to me

[ From: ]

The whole world's scared so I swallow the fear
The only thing I should be drinking is an ice cold beer
So cool in line, and we try try try, but we try too hard and it's a waste of my time
Done looking for the critics, cause they're everywhere
They dont like my jeans, they don't get my hair
Exchange ourselves, and we do it all the time
Why do we do that? Why do I do that?

Why do I do that..?

Yeah, oh, oh baby, pretty baby..!
Pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel
Like you're less than f*ckin' perfect
Pretty pretty please, if you ever ever feel
Like you're nothing, you're f*cking perfect to me
You're perfect, you're perfect!
Pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel
Like you're less than f*ckin' perfect
Pretty please, if you ever feel like you're nothing
You are perfect to me....

19th: what should i do?

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

i don't know why i am posting bout it, but truthfully la kan, i don't know what i feel now. i feel like cry? (yeah) feeling like screaming? (yeah) feeling like wanna deactivate FB and turn off your lappy? (100% yes). actually, entahlah, i do i do love a guy, and totally crazy over him, but sometime i think, i should just let him go, evethough i dont feel like wanna let him go. i can't. yeah. I AM STUPID FOR LIKING HIM RIGHT? i've been hurt a lot before, i let my EGO controlled me for awhile, but with him, i can't. do i really love him? do i really like him? i am not looking thru his appearance or wealth, i think he is mysterious and i really wanna solved this puzzle by myself, i want to dicover himself, eventhough i'll sacrifice my time, energy maybe LIFE? hurm. I am completely lost and confuse, i blame myself for it. entahlah..


p/s: i don't like you, but i love you :)


14 March 2011


Assalamualaikum and Hi!

okay this post all about them them them and its all about me me me me(haha, addicted to Auburn- All About Him)

sedap kot lagu nih :) really really addicted to it &hearts;

HAHA, okaytersimpang jauh gila dari perkara sebenar. HAHA

okay, ye, saya anak tunggal, dan saya ada empat adik perempuan yang paling saya sayang walaupun mereka bukan darah daging saya :)

1) Dayang Nur Sabrina:

Sabrina, secantik nama kan? haha, she's been with me since foundation semester 2 :) ye saya tahu kitorang pernah bergaduh, berbaik, terasa with each other, but my love towards her as my sister will never be less, eventhough sometimes she made me feel like i never exist, but i can't be mad at her, because she's the one that be at my side, during hard and great times, thank you so much Dayang Nur Sabrina :)

2) Nina Merlissa:

haha, my little sister since HIGH SCHOOL in SMK. Seri Bintang Utara.she knows every little things about me. senang cerita, from A to Z, yeah, and all the bullshits that spreading around in high school last time, she knows the PERFECT answer for that :) thanks NINA &hearts;

3) Peja Shuib:

tak pernah jumpa dia lagi, hopefully one day, dapatlah jumpa dia. sebab saya sayang adik saya ni, duduk jauh, penang sana tu. sedih kot sebab susah nak pergi jumpa dia. hm. dia comel kan? haha, ramai ohh yang terpikat ngan dia :) adik saya popular awak tahu? sebab dia comel.HAHA, FULLSTOP. ILOVEYOUADEQQ!!

4) Syafiqah Khadiron:

haha, ni adik yang paling gila! jumpa dia kat rumah ex-crush dia a.k.a MY OWN COUSIN! haha, saya tahu rahsia awak sayang :) awak, maybe awak ingat say berkasar dengan awak ke, tapi saya just bertegas dengan awak, taknak awak dipermainkan lagi, takmau awak disakiti lagi, jangan jadi macam saya, saya terlalu lah teruk, but i am human, and human does do mistakes right? it is not too late to change yourself, ilysister :)

p/s: to my only abang (MUHAMMAD SYAFIQ b AZMI), sorry eyh tak letak gambar kau, takut ramai terpikat lak, susah bakal kakak ipar aku nak jaga kau nanti,haha, btw,abg syafiq, adik sayang gila kat abang,and you're the only brother that makes me feel like that, thanks sebab layan adik macam adik kandung sendiri, but at the same time, my ADVISE to you, please don't ignore it. sebab ada yang benar okayhh, bukan nak paksa, untuk kebaikan kau sendiri, abang :)

senang cerita, ILYGUYS &hearts;

13 March 2011

17th: towards YOU!

16th: saya tunggu awak ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

yeah,well sorry lama tak update, banyak kerja la, and need to study for final examinations lagi ! oh tidak tidak, final dah nak dekat, what should i do? otokaji? haha, chill chill, dah nak habis study pon :)) the reason i update today is i really disappointed towards someone, haha,no need to know his/her name okay? okay, semalam syaa on yahoo messenger (ym) and saya online semata-mata untuk dia, tapi, sedih gila semalam, the way he treated me, hm, if i know he will ditch me like that, lebih baik tak perlu online, sebab nak jaga hati dia lagi, dia kata, jap lagi i chat ngan u, after an hour, tak chat-chat lagi, hm, really WHATEVERLAH! saya tunggu awak nak chat dengan saya, but last-last, awak langsung tak layan saya kan? saya tahu awak webby dengan DIA, kata tak ada apa-apa, tapi, semua dah terbukti lah awak. saya penat kena tipu dengan ramai orang, langsung tak prihatin kan? takpelah, saya sedar diri saya! semoga awak bahagia chatting dengan dia okay? sebab lepas ni, saya tak rasa akan chatting dengan awak lagi.from 12a.m until 2a.m saya tunggu untuk awak chat dengan saya, tunggu punya tunggu, camnilah awak layan saya sekarang? fine lah awak, awak buat saya terasa gila-gila! yeah, whatever okay? byebye!

p/s: semoga awak tahu jaga perasaan orang lain juga.

11 March 2011

15th: Firdaus a.k.a Ahmad Pintu ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

Ya Allah please make me strong. :'(

bie, thanks for everything, you made me happy all the time, i appreciate you so much, i really need you in my life, it's not because i am desperate, it just, i really love you, it's okay if you gonna throw me so far away, even one day you come back to me, i will always love you back, yeah, it is true, i can't find someone better than you. firdaus, i love you i really love you, but now, all i can say, hope you're happy with what you did to me, saya sayang awak sorang, ingat tu. semoga awak sentiasa mengingati saya, walaupun saya bukan lagi bintang hidup awak. saya sayang awak sangat-sangat :'(

p/s: peeps, i will love him, forever  :'(

14th: We Are One Voice, One World and One Unity ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

i know what happened in Japan, and i think you guys also knows about it right? and to all ASIA PACIFIC's citizens, please beware of the condition right now, and please please please not to be near to the sea shore okay? for your safety :)

to all the Moslem's please, let us ALL pray for our and whole world safety from Allah S.W.T.

maybe, it is one of the signs of the END of the World, and yeah, we all knows that one day, the judgment day will occur and NONE of us will be save. but only Allah S.W.T can save us, so again lets us pray for the best, chingu &hearts;

some of the pictures that i take from TSUNAMI and ERTHQUAKE in JAPAN. if you want more details, you could read it from there :)

 8.8 magnitude quake, wow !

 the tsunami

 the view from a bridge.

 astaghfirullahalazim :'(

p/s: guys, hello peeps, let us pray for the whole country and to all Asian Pacific country too.  

13th: can we just be like them?

Gain and Jokwon : We Fell In Love

IU and SeulOng 2pm: We Fell In Love 2 ( Nagging )

Ryeowok 9 Super Junior ) and Beige: Fell In Love With A Friend

p/s: i can swear that I NEVER GET A GREAT LOVE STORY BEFORE, but
i can sure that Allah S.W.T is creating a GREAT LOVE STORY FOR ME IN FUTURE, just have faith in it, Bells &hearts;

12th: Tears. Heartbroken ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi :')

yeah,i am EMOTIONAL 100% right now. i need to make a confession to someone, that might not be MINE forever. yeah,i can't deny that LOVE IS HURT! well yeah, okay.

you, i know that we are not COUPLE, i mean not 100% official couple, but we've been through together about a month, and you're the one that let me be myself back, but after awhile, you have changed and i don't know yourself, i hope the old you come back to me. lastnite i got your text:

           "dah tido ke? tade wish kan? hmm. iloveyousomuch syg. centa and 

                               sayang you sangat-sangat. jangan tinggal an bie tau? gudnite, muah
                               muah muah. you sorang je dalam hati i. jangan curang. centa you sangat
                               sangat. sweet dream wahai sayangku <3 " 

i really appreciate it you. it really makes me happy but then, why it went so wrong, kenapa you sakitkan hati i, u lukakan hati i lagi? d, i really love you! i can't deny it, you're the one have taken my heart, but only one thing i can't and not ready for it. now, you leave me again with a broken heart! i really love you, but people surrounding and yourself can't love me more than i love you. you trust people more than you trust me, i am really dissapointed in you. that's okay. you throw me like RUBBISH. karma bie, karma. :'(

p/s: i still love you, until i die.  


09 March 2011

11th: Everyone Deserve 2nd Chance ♥

10th: you are so LOW standard, honey ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

First of all, I am sorry for not updating my blog in the time being, considering that I am in preparations for final examinations, which are around the corner. :)

Today, I really want to post about friendship, I don't know why. ;)

HAHA, don't interpret it wrongly from that picture, it means a friendship we should keep forever. well, let me tell you, friendship is really important in everyone lives. besides parents, who we always shares everything, even SECRETS, maybe do illegal things together, such as something stupid to do :) true friends stay with us in any situation, always back us up when something came up and the important element is ALWAYS BE HONEST AND NEVER LIE TO US. they also accept our natural behavior. but for me, friends always care about us and always help each other problems :)but sometimes, there are also a group of 'FRIENDS' that back stab and took us for granted right? they are NOT SUITABLE to call as friends, but call them as HYPOCRITES people :)no need to befriend with them okay?jangan nak gatal sangat, nanti sakit hati ye kawan-kawan :)


[ gambar sekadar hiasan sahaja ]

nak dengar cerita tak? i know you guys excited when comes to stories and gossips right? haha, normal la kalau camtuh, no need to worry, bukan penyakit pon kan?

A & B : kawan since start sekolah.

tak pernah berenggang even rahsia diorang share, but one day, nak dijadikan cerita, si A ngan si B ni gaduh, start la si A ni bongkar rahsia si B even yang memalukan si B, paling teruklah, si B kena label sebagai PERAMPAS BOYFIE si A, sedangkan si B kawan ngan laki tuh, SELEPAS si A break, macam-macam kan gelagat manusia ni kan, tak cukup tu lagi, masa kat universiti pulak, si B dapat lagi label dari si A,label dia : PERAMPAS TUNANG pulak, sedangkan lelaki tu gatal sangat, kacau si B, bukan salah si B!and one day, si A dengan 'INSAFNYA' mintak maaf dengan si B, tapi si A taktau yang si B sebenarnya tak percaya kat si A lagi, not evn 20%, sape yang nak percaya dengan mulut longkang camtuh, tak fikir perasaan orang, nak jaja cerita sini-sana sampai effect pelajaran si B. KALAU KORANGLAH, KORANG NAK BUAT APA EYH? 

p/s: tiada kaitan dengan sesiapa pun, so TOLONG JANGAN SALAH FAHAM :)


03 March 2011

9th: Time Will Cure Everything, Have Faith ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

I am not in a great condition now, not stable in physical and mental condition now, btw, I AM NOT GILA okay, get it straight, haha, let me tell you something, what will you guys do if you're in my shoes;

A: what did you think of B?
Me: well he is good-looking, but perangai, no comment.
A: okayy :)

next day:
Bella Nazri's FB Wall

B: hello and excuse me, did you have problems with me? why did you tell people like you know me so much? mind your own business aite.

and it went all WRONG, and completely reminds me of what happened in high school before, i don't want it happen again, I AM NOT PROBLEMATIC, but THE PEOPLE YOU LISTEN FROM ARE PROBLEMATIC! ikut sedap mak bapak kau pulak nak maki-maki aku kat message FB kan? kau punya pompuan tu yang sial, senang-senang nak jual cite aku, nak pakai nama aku buat cite bangang cmtuh *i am sorry for the inappropriate words* actually, i dah lali dengan semua la, apa yang i lalui in university, dah buat i lagi matang, stop reminds me of past, its hurtful :'[ stop with shitting about me la UNMATURED people, its not me yang UNMATURED, it's all about you! 

p/s: cermin dulu sikap kau, perangai kau sebelum nak memaki aku!
to SE: we are not like this before, we chatted okay je, just because of tht bitch, we jadi camni, I AM SORRY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART AND I CONFESS MY WRONGDOING TOWARDS YOU! :'[

02 March 2011

8th: a little thing what we called LOVE ♥

 Assalamualaikum and Hi Girls and Guys!

Mesti pelikkan I post about Love, HeartBroken, ah, pasal jiwang-jiwang la.HAHAH, yerp, saya ingin membuat pengakuan, saya sedang melayan perasaan saya bersama lagu Christina Perri- Jars of Heart. boleh buat nangis bai, gua cakap sama lu, boleh nangis sekarang nih! rasa sakit gila hati ni, susah la pendam perasaan kita! :'[

Tash: Awak, sorry eyh, saya dah banyak makan hati dengan awak, sebab selama ni awak buat saya cam saya tak ada perasaan, awak senang-senang nak bersama ngan perempuan mana-mana kan? awak buat saya cam patung. awak minta saya peluang untuk awak, awak kena berubah tahu tak, buktikan kat saya! 

 MF: B, i know you've been really good to me, but i don't want people call me a playgirl, all you want from me, is that 'THING' right? i love you, but at the same time i am worried about IT. i dont know what to say, if you really love me, you should consider my feelings too. i do care for you, i SWEAR bby <3

3rd: sebenarnya, I dah lama tengok you from foundation lagi, but yeah, maybe takde jodoh nak kawan ngan you kot. so masa second sem ni, ter'SELALU' nampak you pulak, but I memang pemalu, but yeah, I am happy we can be friends, hoping forever =) i'll remember everything what you said. "ICANTGIVEYOUWHATYOUSEEK" takpe you, i faham, i understand everything and i am not ready for another heartbroken. =) but yes! IDOLIKEYOU!!! 

korang- korang semua, jangan salah faham eyh, saya bukan playgirl, tapi saya terperangkap dalam masalah, tapi saya tahu siapa yang saya betu-betul inginkan sekarang, saya perlu mengejar cita-cita saya, just go with the flow right? i dont want to spoil anything between you and me, dear, it just i am scared to be honest with you, to tell you how i feel, i just can keep it in my heart, even it hurts me. i am sorry, it just ME, i am not perfect, but i like you so much, really really do, i think if i wait for you, penantian tu amat berbaloi because i know, GOD is making a wonderful love story for me, like what you said, jodoh di tangan Allah SWT, kita tak tahu kita ni jodoh siapa kan awak? hm, tapi sekarang saya rasa nak nangis sangat-sangat, sebab saya rindukan awak, saya tahu saya tak berhak berkata begitu, tapi itu yang saya rasa untuk awak, nama awak dah terpahat kat hati saya.maafkan saya :'[

 p/s: saya boleh senyum camni bila bersama dengan awak, saya rindu awak, i really miss you F! ergh! i am sorry, i think i love you, in SILENT. i need to be egoistic sometimes :'[