11 March 2011

12th: Tears. Heartbroken ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi :')

yeah,i am EMOTIONAL 100% right now. i need to make a confession to someone, that might not be MINE forever. yeah,i can't deny that LOVE IS HURT! well yeah, okay.

you, i know that we are not COUPLE, i mean not 100% official couple, but we've been through together about a month, and you're the one that let me be myself back, but after awhile, you have changed and i don't know yourself, i hope the old you come back to me. lastnite i got your text:

           "dah tido ke? tade wish kan? hmm. iloveyousomuch syg. centa and 

                               sayang you sangat-sangat. jangan tinggal an bie tau? gudnite, muah
                               muah muah. you sorang je dalam hati i. jangan curang. centa you sangat
                               sangat. sweet dream wahai sayangku <3 " 

i really appreciate it you. it really makes me happy but then, why it went so wrong, kenapa you sakitkan hati i, u lukakan hati i lagi? d, i really love you! i can't deny it, you're the one have taken my heart, but only one thing i can't and not ready for it. now, you leave me again with a broken heart! i really love you, but people surrounding and yourself can't love me more than i love you. you trust people more than you trust me, i am really dissapointed in you. that's okay. you throw me like RUBBISH. karma bie, karma. :'(

p/s: i still love you, until i die.