27 February 2011

7th: what's happening? what's happening? ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Heyho let's go, okay, going nowhere.
Well basically I arrived in Muadzam nearly 3p.m and my parents straight go to Malacca to visits my grandmother there =) nenek, sorry fiqa tak dapat jenguk nenek, IMYSM! <3 :'(
Next, amazingly I get to finish TWO assignments to submits tomorrow in only one day, which are AMAB 113 and BANB111's assignments and FINALLY, I've finished it!! =DD then at the night, I got to chat with someone ^^ HAHA. shh, no one can know about it =) well, then I bought two boxes of chocs, one for Leong Kar Mun and another one, for my beloved sister, Dayang Nur Sabrina, that I'd hurt her without any attention to hurt her, I am sorry Sab, I know I am not your IDOL and I am not suitable to be one, but, I always there when you need a shoulder to cry one and ears to listens all your problems, don't forget me. :'( 
Okay stop with the tears, I am HAPPY today and I won't cry anymore. alhamdulillah everything happen so smoothly. thank to Allah S.W.T :')

 HAHA, this picture reminds me of BANB 111, haha, who knows badminton pon ada assignment sendiri,hehe, jangan main-main like what Phua Chu Kang always said "DON'T PRAY-PRAY HA!!" ;P

 lebih kurang like the chocolates that I bought laa --" the taste, hurmm, NOT BAD! =DD

 AMAB 113 :DD finish finish!! yay!! =)) yay yay, be happy for me!! <3 <3