25 February 2011

4rd: the most important in my life ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi !

I am in excited mood right now, after 3 weeks i didn't meet them, now they come to me!yay! thanks mama and papa!! i really appreciate it <3 papa, i know you missed me but you don't show it, haha, it's okay, you're a guy, you should behave like it. ILYPAPA <3 mama, i know you really missed you're only daughter nih! haha, the tembam-tembam one ^^ yay! i can't wait to hug hug you guys <3 <3 I REALLY LOVE THEM!

yeah,that's my beloved couple ever! MAMA and PAPA <3 <3

wait, my mum look a lil bit like Chinese right? haha, don't you know i am mixed blooded with Malay, Chinese, Mendeleng, Arabic and Singaporean? yeah, it does ^^ 
Next matter, i am gonna tell you how i feel right now. a true confession :)

I know this senior of mine from somebody's boyfriend, LOL, well I checking up his profile 2 days before and I am really hoping that he will adding me as his friends at Facebook. and you know what happen? HE ADDED ME YESTERDAY. OMO!!! i really make it obvious right, erghh, WHATEVER! i am so so so happy about it ^^ haha, i slept with a big smile on my face! it is so MIRACLE <3 <3
okay, stop about it.

 this post is specially made for you, my friend ;) 
situation: you like a girl but you didn't tell her the truth, and one day when you realize that she got someone to love her and you can't bare the pain you feel inside.
solution: dear, i know your feeling, well, you should tell her te truth so she will not walk away from you. maybe she share same feel with you, don't be so egoistic, dear, it'll make you die of pain.tell her, so you won't lose her ^^

i felt the same way towards a guy before this, but i already lose him, so i don't want it goes same way to you, dear,brave yourself and tell her everything that she needed to know ^^ your heart feeling! <3
the end.

Assalamualaikum and Annyeong!
p/s: i can be a dr.LOVE sometimes ^_^ , but mr.A, brave yourself!! and i really want to belanja you icecream, when can we hangout together eyhhh?? <3