24 April 2011

This is going to be big, better and wait for it.. BERRIER! Check out what berry are you this instant! #digiwhatberry

This is going to be big, better and wait for it.. BERRIER! Check out what berry are you this instant! #digiwhatberry

18 April 2011

38th: countdown to April 22nd, yay! ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi.

yeah, i am waiting for that day. i am nineteen going to be twenty! yahoo! at last i am twenty. hoping i'll change to be someone better. no more childish behavior, except, yeah exception when i'm with FI :) i can't be serious with him. yes. i really can!

things to be better:

  • attitude need to be better, no more crying baby :P
  • study, more focus on it, since i have 21 credit hour to settle it.
  • try try and try to get his heart, but don't be too pushy.
  • prayers need to be perfect
  • hijabs, soon, insyaallah :)
wishlists for my birthday:

  • macaroons
  • cupcakes
  • O'Brien sandwiches
  • boyfriend
  • lotsa gift
  • love, harmony
  • new gadgets. maybe ;)
  • fixie( still keeping money to buy fixie for me and FI )
  • topup more than usually. otp otp otp!
  • new jeans and shirts
  • new ROXY bag and OREEF's wallet.
  • ROXY stuff
  • TOPSHOP stuff
  • and still FI's heart!! 
haha, jk! some maybe come true but some, still in my dream :) FI, i am hoping you'll give the best surprise ever. i am hoping that from you, loves. :) iloveyou,faz. 

p/s: the most important gifts i want are harmony family and his love and heart ;)

macaroons people! i need it, its addicted!

cupcakes, my mom will buy it for me !

ROXY stuff! i love roxy!!!

TOPSHOP stuff, love it

& most important is:::

boyfie! lol. 

i love protective guy :) and sweet and full with humors! i love FI!! 

and Hana Tajima's Hijab Style!! love it.

37th: Life, Love or Lust ♥

sometimes life isn't beautiful like we always thought but make it meaningful and memorable for you whole life. same like love, love doesn't mean we have to own them, love them by far it is enough. soul mates never be together but lover from heaven is the beautiful thing that we got from God.

my life might be DULL before you came, but after you came, it had been shone by your light and i really appreciate that the smiles on my face still won't fade away since you've been besides me all the time though sad and good. ILOVEYOU 

36th: counting the days, LOVER ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi peeps :)

well yeah, i am counting the days to get older, i am going to be twenty on this april 22nd! yay me! okay, i got it too far right? but i am really hoping someone will give me the best gift ever :) i need him in my life! not some kind of DESPERADO, it just, i love him, so much. my cute panda o.O" lol. okay. 

i've quoted some song for you darla;

You don’t want me, no
You don’t need me
Like I want you, oh
Like I need you
And I want you in my life
And I need you in my life

You can’t see me, no
Like I see you
I can’t have you, no
Like you have me
And I want you in my life
And I need you in my life
You can’t feel me, no
Like I feel you
I can’t steal you, no
Like you stole me
And I want you in my life
And I need you in my life


Pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel 
Like you're less than, less than perfect 
Pretty pretty please, if you ever ever feel like you're nothing 
You are perfect to me! 

p/s: ngehh, he is Fazwan Izrahadi! my TRUE TREASURE EVER! ;) nothing special. friends forever! *hoping to be more*

17 April 2011

35th: terharu ♥

erul af9- cinta untuk nabila :)

terharu kot, semalam dengar dia nyanyi, buat ku tersenyum AFUNDI ERUL!

p/s: walaupun erul tambat hatiku ini tapi FI tetap dalam hatiku!

08 April 2011

34th: sakit yang tidak boleh disembuhkan

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

bukan pinta saya untuk mendapat penyakit ini. ini cuma dugaan daripada Allah S.W.T. I just have to be strong. but I can't, I am sorry.

33rd: Fazwan Izrahadi ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

that's the name of the most IMPORTANT person ever in my life. thanks for being there for me, when I am sad. only you and only you can keep this smile stick to my face. my sun and my moon :) you are everything i need. you are incredibly IMPORTANT and IMPORTANTLY to complete the half of me. thanks for existing in my life.

p/s: he is the best buddy, best friend, best partner, but not best boyfriend because he is not my boyfie and only he knows, how much he mean to me, i told him, mostly of it. i don't want to lose and i swear to god, how much i do tell you the truth. ILOVEYOUFAZ! *blushing*

07 April 2011

32nd: ME! ♥

31th: all over again ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

thanks for those who visiting my blog, I know that my blog is not that great. It is all about LOVE, most of it, I have to admit it though. There's another story I need to let it out :'(


I lost my beloved sister ever, yeah, served me right! I am really really a bad person right, hurm, but when it came to feeling thought, it can't be stopped okay, it comes naturally. I am falling in love with him naturally, I can't stop myself. but I do admit, I was wrong. hurm. I am sorry, but I really can't live without him. I need him, needless to say bout it.


If and only if i left you, would you be okay? why can't you tell me how you feels, i need you, i need you to comfort me, and keep the smiles when you are around me, i really need you, sayang. yeah, this is the first time, i called you sayang, on this blog and i never called you that in reality, but i really want to show you, how much you mean to me, even though, i hurt myself, almost everynight i cried and thinking about you, is my favorite things to do. i can swear, only you have been on my mind since we know each other. but now, not only in my mind, but also in my heart. i lost her, just to be with you. i don't care how much i hurt losing my sister, just to be by your side. i have to admit that you the light that shines my day. hearing your voice every morning, it really makes my day. you the only one that cheers me up, when i am hurt so much by my sister. I am the one that woke you up in the middle of the night to reminds you to study. hurm. but i am nothing towards you right? please tell me, i need to know, i have the right to know, your real feelings towards me. I NEED YOU FI! :(

p/s: i am not strong i am weak. i need him to support me.

01 April 2011

30th: confession ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

I have confession to make, I am trying to forget the person I love so much, Faz. but the more I'd tried, the more I fell in love with him, I really love him, but I guess I am NOTHING towards him, if there's something he need to tell me, please do so, before I am totally disappear from his life. It is not stupid for falling in love with him, and I am thankful to get to know about him. I really love him! :(