18 April 2011

38th: countdown to April 22nd, yay! ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi.

yeah, i am waiting for that day. i am nineteen going to be twenty! yahoo! at last i am twenty. hoping i'll change to be someone better. no more childish behavior, except, yeah exception when i'm with FI :) i can't be serious with him. yes. i really can!

things to be better:

  • attitude need to be better, no more crying baby :P
  • study, more focus on it, since i have 21 credit hour to settle it.
  • try try and try to get his heart, but don't be too pushy.
  • prayers need to be perfect
  • hijabs, soon, insyaallah :)
wishlists for my birthday:

  • macaroons
  • cupcakes
  • O'Brien sandwiches
  • boyfriend
  • lotsa gift
  • love, harmony
  • new gadgets. maybe ;)
  • fixie( still keeping money to buy fixie for me and FI )
  • topup more than usually. otp otp otp!
  • new jeans and shirts
  • new ROXY bag and OREEF's wallet.
  • ROXY stuff
  • TOPSHOP stuff
  • and still FI's heart!! 
haha, jk! some maybe come true but some, still in my dream :) FI, i am hoping you'll give the best surprise ever. i am hoping that from you, loves. :) iloveyou,faz. 

p/s: the most important gifts i want are harmony family and his love and heart ;)

macaroons people! i need it, its addicted!

cupcakes, my mom will buy it for me !

ROXY stuff! i love roxy!!!

TOPSHOP stuff, love it

& most important is:::

boyfie! lol. 

i love protective guy :) and sweet and full with humors! i love FI!! 

and Hana Tajima's Hijab Style!! love it.