07 April 2011

31th: all over again ♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

thanks for those who visiting my blog, I know that my blog is not that great. It is all about LOVE, most of it, I have to admit it though. There's another story I need to let it out :'(


I lost my beloved sister ever, yeah, served me right! I am really really a bad person right, hurm, but when it came to feeling thought, it can't be stopped okay, it comes naturally. I am falling in love with him naturally, I can't stop myself. but I do admit, I was wrong. hurm. I am sorry, but I really can't live without him. I need him, needless to say bout it.


If and only if i left you, would you be okay? why can't you tell me how you feels, i need you, i need you to comfort me, and keep the smiles when you are around me, i really need you, sayang. yeah, this is the first time, i called you sayang, on this blog and i never called you that in reality, but i really want to show you, how much you mean to me, even though, i hurt myself, almost everynight i cried and thinking about you, is my favorite things to do. i can swear, only you have been on my mind since we know each other. but now, not only in my mind, but also in my heart. i lost her, just to be with you. i don't care how much i hurt losing my sister, just to be by your side. i have to admit that you the light that shines my day. hearing your voice every morning, it really makes my day. you the only one that cheers me up, when i am hurt so much by my sister. I am the one that woke you up in the middle of the night to reminds you to study. hurm. but i am nothing towards you right? please tell me, i need to know, i have the right to know, your real feelings towards me. I NEED YOU FI! :(

p/s: i am not strong i am weak. i need him to support me.